Good Just As Long As We`re All In Agreement

Good Just As Long As We`re All In Agreement

Thor: I`m sorry, no crime, but you`re a very terrestrial being, okay, and we`re talking about space magic. It may seem very difficult… Tony Stark: No, it`s not just the fact that this glove channels enough energy to char a continent. I tell them you are not in a state. Missile: Yes, no, I`m good. I`m good. It is not necessary. Thor: Leave me! Let me do it. Let me do something good.

Korg: [Plays Fortnite] Thor, he`s back. This child on TV called me stubborn again. Thor: Well. As long as we all agree, Rocket, do you think you`re the only one who`s lost people? What do you think we`re here? I lost the only family I ever had. Quill, Groot, Drax, the chick with the antenna, it`s all gone! Now I`m going to make you miss your mom, but she`s gone. It`s really gone. And there are a lot of people who have only left `kinda`. And you can help them. Is it too much to ask that you brush the crumbs of your beard, talk schmoopy with nice pants and if they are not lookin`, suck the Infinity Stone and help me find my family? Thor: [Bruce and Rocket are trying to convince Thor to return to the Avengers] Just stop, okay. I know you think I`m here and I`m waiting to be saved and saved in my own self-pity, but I`m fine.

All right, we`re fine. Thor: No matter what you offer, we`re not in it, no matter, couldn`t care less. Good bye. Thor: So what`s going on? Is it for a slope or what? Clint Barton: Yes, I know I`m a long way from my salary, but she`s still dead, isn`t she? It is not possible to cancel it! Or at least what the levitating guy had to say! Maybe you should talk to him. Okay, grab your hammer, and find him and talk to him! It should be me. She sacrificed her life for that goddamn stone, she put her life on it. Thanos: The universe had to be corrected. After that, the stones served only temptation. Thor: So why don`t you ask… the Asgardians there… How much is my help worth? Bruce Banner: She`s not coming back.

We have to be worth it. That`s what it takes. Drax: [Thor and Quill are fighting for leadership] You should fight each other for the honor of leadership. Thor: [After a few seconds, Mjolnir flies in Thor`s hand. He laughs relieved] I am still worthy! Natasha Romanoff: Even if there is a small chance that we will be able to revisit this issue, I think we are all those who are not in this room. Thor: Why am I afraid of this guy? I`m the one who killed that guy, remember? [Carol and Bruce, wearing Hulkbuster`s armor, hold Thanos, and Thor cuts off his left arm with Stormbreaker. When Steve, Rhodey and Natasha come in, Rocket flips the glove to find the Infinity Stones] Thor: Hulk, you know my friends Miek and Korg, right? × you can`t insert images directly. Download or insert images from the URL. James Rhodes: We have to destroy this place. He has to lie. Alexander Pierce: No, he will answer.

Odin can have what`s left. And I`m going to need this case. This is the property of the A. H.I.E.L.D. for over 70 years. Thor: I`m not sure. For the first time in a thousand years… I have no way. But I`m going. [Prepare them to travel back in time; Frigga “Goodbye” to Thor] Tony Stark: Alexander Pierce.

This is the man about the people behind Nick Fury. Thor: [Take the helmet] Noobmaster, hey, it`s Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen, buddy, if you don`t disconnect from this game right now, I`ll go to your house, go to the basement where you hide, rip your arms off and put them in your butt! Oh, that`s right, yes, go see your father, little weasel! Release dates Official Websites Corporate credits Films and production Rocket Technical Data: Good morning. You must be a mom. I`ve got this thing. Come on.